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Botanical name: zingiber officinale
Use: Good in preparations for muscular fatigue, rheumatism and arthritis. Helpful for conditions like diarrhea and catarrh… Can irritate the skin…
Perfume Note: Base
Blends well with: Rosewood, Coriander, Benzoin, Ylang Ylang, Rose
Source: root
Production method: steam distillation
Aromatherapy benefits: warms, sharpens, aphrodisiac
Aroma type: sharp, peppery, spicy, pungent
Warning: may be irritating to sensitive skin
Safety Information: “test” patch this oil on the skin (inside of elbow)

Ginger is a warming, spicy and soothing culinary herb used for 5,000 years in Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing practices. Ginger contains more than a dozen anti-viral components which treat many common ailments. Its anti-viral and pain relieving properties are famous. It’s used raw, in powder, ground and as an oil, but its most popular form is in tea.

Ginger Oil

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