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Juniper Berry:
Botanical name: juniperus communis
Use: urinary system, skin, digestive system, and nervous system. Also used to support cleansing and detoxifying.
Used for emotional fear, nightmares, more restful sleep, healing from trauma and pain.
Perfume Note: Top
Blends well with: Cedarwood, Frankincense, Ginger, Pine, Myrrh
Source: berries, needles
Production method: steam-distilled
Aromatherapy benefits: sweet, balsamic, pungent, fruity
Aroma type: tart, tangy, sharp, woody
Warning: Do not use during pregnancy, nursing or if you suffer from any type of kidney or liver disease should refrain from using juniper berry oil.
Safety Information: Overdosing on juniper berry oil may lead to kidney irritation and blood in the urine.

Juniper is a fruity, woodsy, essential oil used therapeutically for such skin disorders as acne, cellulitis, eczema, gout and as a  skin toner. It makes a fantastic detoxifying oil for wounds, infections, colds and flu, as a  disinfectant, appetite regulator, for anxiety and stress-related conditions.  This oil is wonderful for  mental exhaustion and nervous tension. It has been used over the centuries for arthritis, rheumatism and immune system issues. It is most famous for treating menstrual problems.

Juniper Oil

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