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The Lightbody® Total Stress Support Supplement uses a unique extract of ashwagandha to promote a relaxed mindset, enhance feelings of well-being and support healthy cortisol and stress levels while promoting brain health and clarity.


Promote a Healthy Mind with Lightbody Total Stress Support

The Lightbody Total Stress Support Supplement for a Calm & Focused Mood contains a stress-fighting combination of proven ingredients to help promote a calm and relaxed state of mind, while promoting cardiovascular health and full body health. 

Organic Sensoril® is a unique extract of ashwagandha, an adaptogen which has been used for thousands of years to support calmness, energy levels, and concentration. Sensoril is a patented leaf and root extract of ashwagandha that provides the highest level of bioactive diversity and optimal efficacy. This ingredient has been included in our supplement because of its many health benefits, including supporting a healthy stress response, promoting better sleep quality, and supporting mental and cognitive health, mood, fatigue, and performance. On a side note, it may also aid in athletic performance, since ashwagandha supports joint health and cardiovascular health, along with muscle strength.

Bacopa monnieri extract is also from ancient medicine, but remains an effective herb for cognitive health in modern supplements. It’s classified as a nootropic, which is a compound or supplement that enhances cognitive performance. Bacopa monnieri maintains healthy blood flow to the brain, increases production of antioxidants in the brain, also known as endogenous antioxidants, to manage a healthy inflammatory response and cell oxidation. It also supports oxygen flow to the brain for optimal stress management and performance.

Rice bran is used in the Lightbody Total Stress Support Supplement to help the encapsulated ingredients flow better into the body.


How Lightbody Total Stress Support Supplement Supports a Modern Digital Lifestyle:

After just one hour of screen time a day, researchers found that smartphone users had less curiosity, lower self-control, more distractibility, more difficulty making friends, and had less emotional stability. Among high school students, there was a decrease in self-esteem, life satisfaction, and happiness.

As our use of digital technology increases, many people have realized the importance of prioritizing healthy mental and neurological function.

With our physical electronic devices and the content they give us affecting our brain and cognition on a daily basis, it is more important than ever to fortify your body and your mental health. By helping support healthy sleep, energy, mental clarity, memory, and a healthy response to stress, the Lightbody Total Stress Support Supplement can promote a calm, healthy, and focused mind at work and at home, reducing the agitating effect of daily stressors.

Lightbody Total Stress Support for a Calm & Focused Mood

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