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Lightbody® Ultra EPA Omega-3 Softgels are super concentrated and pure essential fatty acids. These pharmaceutical-grade vitamin supplements have the highest DHA & EPA bioavailability and have been formulated to maintain a healthy inflammatory system, support cognitive function and healthy aging as well as supporting the immune system by supporting the resiliency of the cell membrane.


Lightbody® Omega-3 Supplements – The cleanest, most concentrated Omega-3 EPA vitamin supplements on the market

Lightbody® Ultra Omega-3s are extremely beneficial to your body and brain, with the ability to support a healthy inflammation response and the immune system, as well as promote heart health, cognitive health, and skin / eye / hair health. Omega-3 Fish Oil Vitamin Supplements also fortify the cell membrane to improve cell resiliency in a toxin-filled world.

Lightbody® Ultra Omega-3 Supplements feature the ideal ratios of EPA (eicosapentanoic acid) & DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), the two prominent fatty acids of supplements. Lightbody® Omega-3 Softgels are IFOS certified and composed of pure anchovy oil, harvested straight from pristine Ocean waters. Anchovies are shown to have extremely low levels of contaminants present in their body due to their small size and short life span, and harvesting them from some of the purest waters in the world ensures they are clean sources of Omega-3.

Lightbody® Ultra Omega-3 Supplements are made with the cleanest, most concentrated, and most bioavailable triglyceride formula available, to boost overall health and mitigate the risk of many diseases and chronic health issues. Lightbody® Ultra DHA & EPA Anchovy Oil Supplements also have extremely low oxidation. PUFA’s, like other oils, are susceptible to oxidation, but Lightbody® Ultra Omega-3’s proprietary cold-pressed molecular distillation ensures it has one of the lowest recorded oxidation levels of any Omega-3 ingredient globally.

Other omega-3 supplements use fish that are high in toxins like mercury, and use processes that increase oxidation, decrease absorption, and are tough on digestion. Lightbody® Ultra Omega-3 Softgels are made from fish from pristine ocean waters to ensure minimal toxin exposure. Other brands include fillers that can increase omega-6, which can increase inflammation in the body.


“Omega-3’s are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle, especially in our modern world."

"While Omega-3’s are extremely important to our health, most of them on the shelf go rancid before they get to our mouth. After nearly 20 years in the dietary supplement industry, I find myself often disappointed with Omega-3 stability until the Lightbody Omega-3 products. These Lightbody Omega-3’s have the lowest oxidation levels I’ve ever seen…. They have the lowest oxidation levels of any Omega-3 oil, including vegetarian oils. What is also impressive is the price per gram of Omega-3. With such high quality I never expected to be able to get such a great value, which shows that Lightbody cares about what they deliver to people. I have both the EPA and DHA products and am just so grateful to have found them." 

Lightbody Ultra EPA Omega-3 Fish Oil Softgels

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